Wells Fargo Website Down AGAIN

Wells Fargo Sucks

I have NEVER, in my entire life online, seen a bank’s (almost typed wank’s) website that is soooo frequently “unavailable”.  How can a bank operate like that?  Heaven fucking forbid you have to use their online bill pay.  What a pathetic excuse for a bank.  Their ATM machines are down just as much, too.

Wells Fargo Bank offline again

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2 Responses to Wells Fargo Website Down AGAIN

  • Dave says:

    I agree! It is down this morning. It was down most of yesterday. They tell me I have to have certain settings on my computer (trusted site etc.). I did all suggested. NOOOO!
    Other bank sites work. Suntrust is always up. However, Wellsfargo will show you a deposit right away and Suntrust doesn’t even show it in pending. It just hits your account at midnight. I am angry at them all’

  • Fooeee says:

    Well its down again…this time no ‘we’re sorry’ message. Also, you must have adobe reader to view your statements. I haven’t used that hog in years. Foxit works everywhere except WF.