Netflix Services Experienced An Internal Error

Watching Netflix over my Roku HD player was working fine two nights ago.  Last night I sparked it up and it displayed “netflix services experienced an internal error”.  Tonight’s the same thing.  It’s been raining like a mofo here at night and maybe my internet connection farted and got dropped in the middle of the night. I’m on a Cisco Linksys E2000 wireless router with AT&T DSL.  Here’s how I fixed it.

  1. I unplugged the Roku for a couple of minutes to allow it to reset.
  2. Powered it back up and let it do its startup.
  3. It found my router ok, but wouldn’t connect to it.
  4. Poked the little discovery button on the router, ran out to the Roku and tried it again.
  5. BAMM!  Bob’s your uncle.  Connected successfully.

2 Responses to Netflix Services Experienced An Internal Error

  • LuckieLeah says:

    Ahh! So, I walked thru the steps you posted as well. But mine still isn’t working :( connects fine to both my secure and unsecure networks, says “excellent” signal strength but won’t play any show. Was working fine 2 nights ago for me- nothing has changed! Netflix and Roku keep blamming eachother . . . What’s new?!
    Any ideas???

  • Admin says:

    @LuckieLeah, sometimes Netfilx just doesn’t work. Did you hear about the problems on the Amazon servers yesterday? Netflix was supposedly “unscathed”, buy I had problems connecting to their website. Here’s an article about it. Did you try drinking a couple of beers? I suggest trying that. After a few you won’t give a shit!

    Ok, wait a sec. I just checked my Roku. I’m having major problems, too. Can’t keep a connection worth a damn tonight. Even Crackle is cracked, going in and out. grrrr