I need to stop wearing underwear…

…cause I can’t know how to do it right.

underwearMy 6 (soon to be 7) year old grandson calls me every night.  We discuss how our day went.  He kills me.  The things that come out of his brain constantly has me in stitches.  He’s my first grandson.  I’ll call him GS1.

Today GS1 said his cousin puked.  The cousin is my other grandson.  He’s 5.  I’ll call him GS2.  Hope he doesn’t have the swine flu.  I hear that’s going around.

So while I was talking to GS1, I had to take a leak.  Couldn’t wait.  So I took the phone into the bathroom.  I thought I could be  v e r y  quiet about it (like Elmer Fudd hunting wabbits).  I sat down and noticed something.  Of course, I have one of my usual knee-jerk reactions and said out loud, “My underwear are on inside out.” 

GS1 kept on talking about coming over tomorrow after his doctor’s appointment.  His doc is in my hood.  He might have a sinus infection.  He snorted a lot of water in the pool on Saturday.  We talked about other things and were nearing the end of our call.  Out of the blue he said, “Did you get your underwear un-inside out?”  ROTFLMMFAO!!!  Guess you had to have been there.  It was magic.

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