Dell Computer Making Buzzing Noise

Dell Computer Making Buzzing Noise

My daughter’s Dell computer is constantly getting infected with crap. I just cleaned that thing up on New Year’s and a month later, she’s got problems again. She downloaded a free calendar maker program and along with it came a fake anti-virus scanner called PC Performer.

PC Performer Malware

PC Performer is NOT real anti-virus software. There is no uninstall program. You won’t find it on the Programs menu, nor in the Add/Remove programs. It gets hooked into your computer’s startup routine and “performs a scan” when you boot up. It always finds “infections” and it wants you to pay for the “anti-virus software” to remove the infections. 

Computer Buzzing

After several weeks of ignoring the fake infection messages, the computer started making a buzzing noise. So she brought it over, I cracked open the cover and blew out all the dust with a can of air. It sounded like the CPU fan. As soon as the juice was turned on, it started buzzing, but the fan was freely spinning. Finally, I stuck my ear inside the case and discovered that is wasn’t the fan making noise, it was the hard drive.

I did eventually find PC Performer in the list of starup programs using msconfig and I was able to turn it off, but the computer was still making noise.

Before my daughter brought the computer over, I had her run a malware removal tool, but it didn’t remove PC Performer, even though I read some place that it would. However, she’s computer illiterate so who knows if she actually clicked the remove button or canceled the operation.

So I downloaded a free scanner that detects these fake programs. Every 1/2 hour or so I’d go check on the scan and noticed that the hard drive buzzing was getting quiter. As it started isolating the problems, the buzzing completely stopped. I proceeded with the removal, rebooted the computer and now all’s good with the world once again.

SpyHunter Removes Fake Anti-Spyware

SpyHunter - Free scan for anti-virus, malware, rootkits, trojansSpyHunter has the ability to detect and remove rootkits, which are used to stealth install rogue anti-spyware programs and other trojans. One major reason why some spyware tools may not completely remove your infection is because you may be infected with a mutating malware infection such as a trojan or rootkit. A mutating malware infection is extremely difficult to remove automatically because it changes into an unidentifiable form inside your system. Therefore, SpyHunter offers a feature called Spyware HelpDesk that will allow them to identify the mutation and create a custom fix for your infected system. SpyHunter’s Spyware HelpDesk feature will let you generate a diagnostic report (Support Log) that takes a snapshot of the configuration of your system and allows the technicians to quickly and efficiently assist you with malware removal issues. 

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  • So, it’s all about SpyHunter. I get it. Anyway, you should tell your daughter not to download softwares. She should first verify whether it is virus free or something.

  • soa services says:

    Yes spyhunter is the topic of all above. And I agree with previous comment that software should be downloaded after the verification. In some websites, options can be found for testing but in some you have to do it manually.